The Procedure

Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal.

The Procedure

Patient Questionnaire

Assess medical history, ear health, previous surgery etc. and explanation of procedure.

Video Otoscopy (initial inspection)

Using a video otoscope, visual examination of the ear canal so that wax blockage can be observed and seen by patient.

Wax Removal using Micro-suction Procedure

The practitioner uses loupes (specialist magnifying goggles) to see inside the ear canal. Using the micro-suction apparatus, the wax is gently suctioned out of the ear canal until clear.

Benefits of Micro-suction

- Pain free and very quick

- No syringing which can be stressful and cause trauma to the eardrum.

- No mess.

- Safe for patients who may have a perforated eardrum, previous surgery or even recurring infections.

Video Otoscopy (after micro-suction)

Patient can see the ear canal after the procedure to check that it is clear.

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